Motoring – It’s all in the name

File:2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder E-Gear - Flickr - The Car Spy (22).jpgFor parents, naming your kids is one of the more difficult tasks, behind actually raising them. Certain names have certain connotations – positive and negative. Like Trevor. Few people name their baby Trevor and expect big things (apologies to all the Trevors out there).

And so it is with cars. Looks are important, power is paramount, but you’re going to get a slating if the name is boring. Get it right, and you end up with something like the Dodge Viper, Porsche Carrera or the Aston Martin Vanquish, names with passion and soul. Get it wrong and you have the Mitsubishi Lettuce (seriously), the Volkswagen Thing (at least it was apt, seeing as no one knew exactly what it was supposed to be)  or the incredibly unimaginative Renault LeCar, as the Renault 5 was known in the States. Not the most inspiring of monikers – the Trevor of the autoworld, if you will.

File:Lamborghini Gallardo.JPG
‘Gallardo’ probably works better on this rather than a Toyota hatchback.

Traditionally, Lamborghini is one maker that usually gets it right. We mightn’t understand what words like Diablo, Gallardo or Aventador actually mean, but damn, don’t they sound cool? And the latest model is set to follow suit – apparently the upcoming Lamborghini will bear the name Huracan, which does roll off the tongue nicely. In Spanish, it means hurricane (which it could probably outrun, given rumours of a revised 5.2L V10 with around 600 hp).  And in Mayan, Huracan – suitably – is a god of wind, storm and fire. Kind of puts the Toyota Prius into perspective, doesn’t it?

If it lives up to its name and horsepower, the new Lamborghini will probably rock you like a hurricane (sorry, couldn’t resist) and kill you in a combination of power, speed and a dizzying spin out. Still, it’s better than choking to death on a Mitsubishi Lettuce.


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