Move over Ikea, Bentley has come to town


For wives and children and holidaymakers across the world, a gift bearing the prancing Ferrari horse or Lamborghini’s fighting bull can be a great last-minute present. Unfortunately, most of these gifts tend to be in the form of keyrings, which are undoubtedly useful, though not if you have ten.

Because why not?
Because why not?

Crewe-based car manufacturer Bentley has recognised this niche, and has come up with a solution, launching its own line of products bearing the iconic winged emblem. The difference between it and Ferrari – which tends to be involved with products such as shoes and watches – is that the new product line is a luxury furniture range, designed alongside Luxury Living Group, leading Italian-based furniture makers.

Some of you will be currently considering purchasing an item or two – after all, it’s a prestigious brand, and wouldn’t having a Bentley-branded couch really one-up the neighbours?

Unfortunately, for some of the asking prices you could actually buy a decent car. Take the Richmond Bed, for example, all comfort and style, available for just £15,140. Or the steel-framed sideboard which clocks in at a reasonable £22,410. Just to clarify, a new Audi A1 starts around £14,000, as does a new Ford Focus. Perhaps Bentley accept trade-ins?

Pictured: two second-hand Skoda Octavias
Pictured: two second-hand Skoda Octavias.

Clearly there’s a certain segment of society being targeted here, which is fair enough, considering the cars themselves are none too cheap, and everyone understands that Bentley isn’t a budget brand. So, if you’re looking for a present for the petrolhead in your life, and even the £50 leather iPhone cover, or the £59 leather car key case is a little too much, you could always buy a couch from Ikea, and simply sew the badge on yourself. With modern design, few would probably know the difference.

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