Let the drone wars begin…


As all drivers will know, there isn’t much which is more painful than the sight of brake lights lighting up in front of you on the road, while all the cars around you gradually slow to a complete and frustrating halt. Yup, you’re right in the middle of yet another traffic jam, something which can turn even the most patient driver into a roiling hurricane of hatred.

Presumably some of the designers at Renault have to brave the traffic on their way into work, giving rise to the new Kwid concept, which includes a small drone which can be deployed from the roof and sent on ahead to let you know just exactly what it is you’ve been cursing for the past half an hour.

Don't bother running. We'll always find you.
Don’t bother running. We’ll always find you.

It’s actually a great idea – the drone can be released at the press of a button and will either follow the car or buzz ahead on a pre-determined route, all the while beaming back images to a dashboard-mounted tablet. It’d be worth it just for the looks on the face of the drivers in your vicinity. According to Renault, the Kwid is aimed at the younger market, as evidenced by the oversized wheels, bright yellow colour scheme and the funky white interior of its initial release photos.

For starters, they've put the steering wheel in upside down.
For starters, they’ve put the steering wheel in upside down.

It is, however, hard to imagine people rushing to buy the Kwid in their droves. On first look, it actually appears more like a dune buggy than a car – or perhaps an enlarged version of something from Hotwheels – and will be powered by a turbo-charged 1.2L engine mated with a dual-clutch transmission, with the option of an electric battery and a charging plug hidden behind the Renault logo.  Hopefully other car manufacturers will take note and we’ll be able to deploy drones from the comfort and style of the latest BMW, rather than something which could conceivably have come from the toy department of a local shop.

The only problem is that the drone also comes in manual mode. And we all know how nosy people can be.

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