Landrover Vision Concept

A view of the road from inside the concept car.

One great thing about driving a van or a bus is that the bonnet is usually either very slight, or completely non-existent, so if you manage to drive into a wall while parking or hit another car in traffic, there aren’t many people you can blame beyond yourself.

The problem usually becomes quite apparent in vehicles such as Land Rovers, which tend to have long snouts. And that’s where Land Rover’s brand-new Transparent Bonnet concept (not a thoroughly imaginative name, to be honest), comes into its own. Using technology to give drivers a better view of what they can’t see, the system will employ cameras in the vehicle’s grille to feed the driver a head-up display, creating what is effectively a see-through view of the ground beneath the bonnet, as well as the angle and the position of the front wheels. You might just be tempted to don a tight blue suit with a red cape and wear your underpants on the outside.

Unfortunately, the system is currently only available on the Discovery Vision Concept car, which will be showcasing Land Rover’s advanced research into design and technology at the New York International Auto Show on April 16th, and isn’t available to the general public just yet. But someday soon there’ll be excuse for running over the small tricycle your kids insist on leaving in the middle of the driveway, while you’ll actually be able to see the massive pothole you’ve just run through, rather than merely feeling it.


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