They’re watching you…

Copyright Tesla Motors (3)

One Tesla owner in the US has recently got into a little trouble with the car manufacturer, after he was discovered ‘jailbreaking’ his Model S.

While jailbreaking used to mean just that – breaking out of jail – these days it refers to removing software limitations on a device, removing restrictions which leave you free to install unauthorised apps or content, for example.

This particular car owner managed to patch into the Model S main interior feature – the central dashboard-mounted 17 inch touchscreen computer, which includes a host of driver controls, media centre, navigation and a browser. Having found a cleverly disguised ethernet port hidden in the dashboard, he/she managed to connect their laptop up to the car with an ethernet cable, and also managed to run Firefox on the touchscreen.

What they perhaps didn’t realise was that Tesla engineers could see exactly what the owner up to, and weren’t best pleased, and sent the Model S owner a strongly worded message suggesting he immediately stop what he was doing, or risk voiding the car’s warranty. While some have applauded the owner’s ingenuity, others have simply pointed out that jailbreaking a two tonne car is very different to jailbreaking an iPhone, as well as all the dangers that could come with it. Despite this, however, the likelihood is that once the rest of the more curious Model S owners discover this hidden port, their curiosity will get the better of them. Who wouldn’t want to play Angry Birds, Model S edition?

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