‘Thick with a brick’

According to Hollywood, thieves are often slick individuals, intelligent and sharply dressed people who can run rings around the police and the people they steal from. In reality, however, the opposite is often true.

Step forward one unfortunate would-be robber – the “thick with a brick” – who attempted to steal a Mercedes E-Class Coupe outside the Pheasant pub in Drogheda, and managed to knock himself out with a brick in the process.

Pub owner Gerry Brady came out to discover a man lying prone on the ground and presumed he’d been attacked. After the thief came to, Brady and his partner became suspicious when the supposed victim didn’t want to get the ambulance or guards involved, despite being quite bloody. They called the guards after discovering dents in the car, and later found CCTV footage which showed exactly what had happened.

The video shows the man trying to break the window with a small stone first, before moving onto a brick, without any success. “I’ll give him this — he was determined, he had three separate goes at it. He got some smack when the brick rebounded back into his gob,” Brady told the Irish Examiner.


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