Great Scott! Tracking the iconic DeLorean

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The DeLorean DMC-12 is a car that is recognised around the globe, due almost entirely to its appearance in the much-loved Back to the Future franchise, as the car which Doc Brown uses as the base for his time machine. By the time the DeLorean had made its famous appearance in Back to the Future, however, its run had already come to an end. To find out why, you have to go back a little further in time.

John Z. DeLorean, son of a Ford Motor Company employee, was born in Detroit in 1925. Motoring must have been in his blood – a master’s in engineering led him to work in General Motor’s Pontiac division, of which he became chief engineer in 1961, and was behind the creation of the Pontiac GTO. Despite several promotions within GM, DeLorean later wrote of problems he had with the company – both ethical and business issues – and resigned in 1973 to pursue the creation of his dream car. As a result, he established the John Z. DeLorean Corporation in 1974, and the DeLorean Motor Company the following year.

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For the little drivers

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A new app from Skoda has brought backseat driving to a whole other level. The LittleDriver App is an interesting interactive learning game for kids, which teaches them the basics of driving while on car journeys.

The app can connect to the car via the infotainment system, and works with real data from the vehicle including speed, fuel level and oil pressure. Children can imitate real driving behaviour in real time and collect points when they pick the correct option including steering, acceleration, braking, turning etc – everything the driver does up front, children can do in the back (hopefully that doesn’t include road rage and swearing at other drivers when they do something stupid).

Points can then be used by kids to design their own virtual Skoda, which include the beautiful Skoda VisionC concept, the 1960 Skoda Felicia convertible and the modern day Octavia RS.

Road safety is also a big point – the app has been developed as a modern way of teaching kids about the rules of the road, with a seperate section where they can learn about safe conduct behind the wheel.

If you’ve got a budding rear seat driver, the Skoda LittleDriver app is available now for free on iOS and Android.

Back on the Horse

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It’s an instantly recognisable car, beloved by millions of people the world over since it first launched in 1965. But why does the Mustang have such a firm grip on so many car lover’s hearts? Perhaps because it’s an iconic American symbol, generating a dream of an open road, tarmac stretching in front of you. Or because it’s the car from Bullitt, Gone in Sixty Seconds and even Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift (although the latter doesn’t rank quite as high in the list of all time greats). Most of all, it represents affordable fun – fast, flash but yet still attainable for the ordinary petrolhead.

And the brand new model is nearly here. The epitome of old school American cool, the first ever right hand drive Ford Mustang is due to hit Irish shores in November. 2,000 of these Mustangs have already been sold in the UK, with the waiting list stretching until at least April 2016. Interestingly enough, most of the advance sales in the UK have been for the somewhat monstrous 415bhp 5.0L V8 engined-version (0-100km/h in a mere 4.8 seconds), its roughly 19mpg figures notwithstanding. It’s hard to see the same happening in Ireland, however; more than likely it’ll be the softer 2.3L EcoBoost version that will be purring around Irish roads.

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