For the little drivers

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A new app from Skoda has brought backseat driving to a whole other level. The LittleDriver App is an interesting interactive learning game for kids, which teaches them the basics of driving while on car journeys.

The app can connect to the car via the infotainment system, and works with real data from the vehicle including speed, fuel level and oil pressure. Children can imitate real driving behaviour in real time and collect points when they pick the correct option including steering, acceleration, braking, turning etc – everything the driver does up front, children can do in the back (hopefully that doesn’t include road rage and swearing at other drivers when they do something stupid).

Points can then be used by kids to design their own virtual Skoda, which include the beautiful Skoda VisionC concept, the 1960 Skoda Felicia convertible and the modern day Octavia RS.

Road safety is also a big point – the app has been developed as a modern way of teaching kids about the rules of the road, with a seperate section where they can learn about safe conduct behind the wheel.

If you’ve got a budding rear seat driver, the Skoda LittleDriver app is available now for free on iOS and Android.


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