Volvo to the rescue

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For many people, keys are the bane of their lives. They have a habit of disappearing when you need them most, down the back of the couch, into that tiny crevasse between the washing machine and the press, or simply into your toddler’s mouth.

If you feel like that accurately describes the struggles in your life, fear not – Volvo is here with an invention just for you.

From 2017, Volvo will become the world’s first automotive manufacturer to offer a car without physical keys. They’re not doing away with them entirely – instead of pressing a button or putting a key in the lock, you’ll simply download an app to your smartphone. If you drive more than one Volvo, you can store more than one key on your app, removing the need to carry around a large, jingling ring in your pocket. You’ll also be able to share the key with anybody else you want to allow to drive the car with a simple tap of a button.

Volvo feels this is the way forward, envisioning, for example, a world where you rent a car over the internet, locate the car in a parking lot via GPS, and drive it away using a digital key sent to you remotely. For anyone with crippling social anxiety or simply a distaste for their fellow man, the revolution is finally here.

If you’re set in your ways, Volvo will still offer a physical key to any customer that prefers something solid in their pocket. For the rest of us, instead of losing your keys, you better hope you don’t lose your phone.



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