Hop in and go

Councillor Ciarán Cuffe Chairman of Dublin City Council’s Transport Committee, Shane Ross Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport, and Steve Tormey, Chief Executive Toyota Ireland
Councillor Ciarán Cuffe Chairman of Dublin City Council’s Transport Committee; Shane Ross, Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport; and Steve Tormey, Chief Executive Toyota Ireland at the recent launch

Ireland’s car sharing service GoCar has a new competitor – Toyota Ireland has announced the launch of YUKO Car Club (Yuko means ‘Let’s Go’ in Japanese), part of the company’s vision to help create a more environmentally sustainable future and ease urban congestion.

A range of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, EV and fuel cell vehicles will be available to hire, including the Yaris, Auris and Prius models, with the C-HR and the Prius plug-in hybrid arriving at the end of the year.

Speaking at the launch of YUKO, Shane Ross, the new Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, expressed his happiness at the addition of a new alternative for commuters. “We welcome the arrival of Toyota’s YUKO car club initiative to Dublin. Low emissions, urban congestion and mobility are high on our agenda and we believe that car sharing is a credible solution to improving these important problems.”

There are a few handy advantages with YUKO, including 50km of free fuel (GoCar charges €0.45/km for the first 40km, and €0.35/km thereafter), free on-street public parking (similar to GoCar), high spec levels, sat nav and rear view cameras.

Pricing, however, appears to be higher than GoCar. For example, the hourly rate for the lowest price model, the Toyota Yaris, is €8, with €60 for 24 hours and a reduced overnight rate (12-7am) of €14.

GoCar’s city range costs €4.99 per hour, €40 for 24 hours, and €2.49 per hour between midnight and 8am. Both services charge a €50 sign-up fee, though YUKO’s monthly subscription is €6, while GoCar charges €5.

Starting today, five YUKO cars will be available in Smithfield/Kilmainham, with more arriving in IFSC/Ringsend and Ranelagh/Rathmines in the near future. They’re also due to launch a corporate service, partnering with multinational companies and five star hotels in Dublin. “YUKO’s hybrid vehicles are the best way to help reduce congestion and improve air quality, while providing a stress free and fuel efficient driving experience without the burden of range anxiety,” said Steve Tormey, CEO, Toyota Ireland.

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