Love is in the air


Being with the love of your life can have an intense physical and mental effect on your body – your heart races, your knees quiver and you feel an all-round sense of well-being. But it seems that a fantastic car can produce the same reaction, at least according to Infiniti.

At a time of the year when love is truly in the air, Infiniti enlisted the services of bioinformatics company EMOTIVE to measure the real-time neural reactions of 100 drivers as they drove the new Infiniti Q50S Sport. According to the results, which were compared against those from a racing simulator, those drivers who took the real-life model for a spin showed optimal ‘mental arousal’ and engagement behind the wheel. That might have something to do with the figures (it’s not the best-looking car) – the Q50S is powered by a 3.0L twin-turbo V6 engine producing 400hp. Not bad for a four-door saloon.

“A car is more than just a machine, and the best of them – the ones which drivers love the most – should provoke an emotional response,” said Infiniti’s executive design director Alfonso Albaisa. Hopefully those drivers’ significant others don’t hook them up to compare time in the car with quality time at home – Valentine’s Day could come to a very swift and less than affectionate end.


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