Aston on open water

AM 37

If I’m honest, I don’t know much about boats, or boating. I know that they’re generally used on water rather than tarmac, and they’re quite useful for fishing. Beyond that, my interest usually wanes.

I do find it quite curious, however, that Aston Martin has decided to branch out into the marine world. Unveiled in Monaco last September, their prototype AM37 powerboat, produced in partnership with Quintessence Yachts, is currently on display at the Yachts Miami Beach exhibition in the US, home to the largest collection of mega-yachts in the world.

Unsurprisingly, the AM37 is no ordinary boat. A cruiser that can carry up to eight people, it’s quite a futuristic-looking craft, with a wraparound windscreen made from a single piece of sculpted glass, an extendable swim platform for easy access to the water, as well as smatterings of leather and carbon fibre throughout.

AM 37

It also contains a few features you won’t find in Aston Martin’s road-going vehicles, such as a table which doubles as a bed, a fridge, microwave and onboard toilet, as well as an oven and an espresso machine, not to mention the underwater lights and a cocktail bar.

The engine options are a little different too. The base AM37 comes with twin 370hp diesel engines or 430hp petrol blocks, with a top speed of 45 knots (83km/h). Or you can opt for the more powerful AM37S which is powered by two 520hp petrol engines and a top speed of 50 knots (93km/h).

As you might expect, the price tag matches the badge, starting from roughly €1.5 million for the base model and €1.9m for the faster version. Definitely more at home in Monaco than Malahide.


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