Wizzle wisdom


Sticking your car up on DoneDeal? According to car trading website Wizzle, you should consider asking a woman (preferably one that you know) to take the photos, as apparently they take more attractive and creative snaps.

Photographs uploaded to Wizzle – which allows consumers to sell directly to dealers – are vetted by staff for clarity and quality, and those taken by women are consistently rated higher compared to men’s shots. “Because we focus so heavily on transparency in car descriptions, photographs are the most important aspect of a consumer’s car listing,” explains Wizzle founder Sébastien Duval. “As soon as we launched last summer our staff immediately noticed that the images of cars offered by women are often more striking or creatively composed than the more functional pictures offered by men.”

Wizzle consulted Irish motoring writer and founder of wheelsforwomen.ie, Geraldine Herbert, to get a better understanding of the phenomenon. One possible explanation is the influence of social media, with women dominating certain spheres such as Instagram.

“Women are not only more likely to have an Instagram account but also post on it and interact with other posters more often than men,” says Herbert. “Studies consistently show that women are especially drawn to visual social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest and one source puts the proportion of women on Instagram as 31% of all female internet users, compared with 24% of male internet users. Another recent figure cites women as forming 68% of the Instagram user base.”

So hand over that camera.



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