Ride of the Valkyrie

In Norse mythology, the valkyries were winged female spirits who chose who would die in battle and who would live. Their selected warriors were brought to Valhalla, a majestic hall in the realm of Asgard, ruled by the one-eyed god Odin.

It’s an apt name, then, for Aston Martin’s new hypercar, a co-development with Red Bull Advanced Technologies which continues the brand’s fascination with names beginning with ‘V’, dating back to the very first Vantage in 1951.

“Aston Martin model names have deep meaning. They need to inspire and excite. To tell a story and enrich a narrative that stretches back some 104 years,” says Aston’s chief creative mind, Marek Reichman. “The Aston Martin Valkyrie is an incredibly special car that demands an equally remarkable name; an uncompromising car that leaves nothing in reserve. The connotations of power and honour, of being chosen by the gods, are so evocative, and so pertinent to a car that only a fortunate few will ever experience.”

Codenamed AM-RB 001, the Aston Martin Valkyrie may very well hasten your journey to the other side if you’re not careful – though the facts and figures have yet to be released, it will be powered by a naturally aspirated 6.5L V12 developed by Cosworth. Rumoured to be a hybrid machine, the battery system is likely to be produced by Rimac, the Croatians behind the 1,088hp Concept One electric supercar.

Only 150 Valkyries will be released into the world, with deliveries set to begin in 2019. According to Digital Trends, the price tag is rumoured to be around €2.8 million. If Aston Martin has any imagination, then you can be sure that Wagner will be blasted from the exhaust pipes when you put the foot down.

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