Codename WTF86

Toyota’s GT86 remains one of the best cars I’ve ever driven – front engined with rear wheel drive and sharp handling, resulting in a sports car that’s very fun to drive.

Some critics, however, have complained that the performance from the 2.0L boxer engine is somewhat sluggish – a recent review in the Telegraph described its 0-100km/h time of 7.7 seconds as “slow compared to its price tag.”

To boost the GT86’s performance, a number of enterprising individuals have swapped the boxer engine for various others, such as a 5.0L V8 from a Lexus IS F. The most recent transplant comes courtesy of Mark Trueno of StreetFX, an Australian motorsports outfit. Codenamed (unofficially) Project WTF86, Trueno’s GT86 has been outfitted with a 4.1L Nissan R35 GT-R twin turbo stroker block and a sequential gearbox, among other tasty additions. The figures are pretty astounding – with a power goal of 1,300hp and a weight of approx. 1,300kg (including a roll cage), the power to weight ratio should come in at 1:1.

The car was originally planned as a demo model for StreetFX’s various products, beginning with a turbo kit. This didn’t provide enough speed, so they added a supercharger. This combination managed to blow several gaskets, so they went back to the drawing board. Then Trueno, who owned a Nissan R35 GT-R at the time, was inspired to combine the two.

The engine currently sitting in the bay is a placeholder for the real thing, which is currently being built – the entire project should be finished at some point next year. So, if you’re driving around Queensland in 2018 and you’re overtaken by a white-ish blur, you’ll know who’s behind the wheel.

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