Honda takes on the Nürburgring

Quick: what’s the current fastest front-wheel drive car around the Nürburgring?

If you’ve been keeping up with your motoring news, you’ll know that Honda’s latest Civic Type R has smashed that particular record. Following its recent unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show, a pre-production model lapped the famous German circuit in a time of 7 minutes 43.8 seconds (7 seconds faster than the previous Type R), knocking Volkswagen’s GTI Clubsport off its perch.

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Sutton’s mad Mustang

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There are two types of people in this world. The kind that get behind the wheel of a 5.0L V8 Ford Mustang and simply enjoy tearing around with 410bhp on tap, and the type who sit there and think ‘this is a little underpowered’.

Clive Sutton falls firmly into that latter category. The Sutton CS800 Mustang has been unveiled at the 2017 Top Marques show in Monaco, and to be fair it sounds very tasty. Based on the new Mustang V8, the CS800 has been fitted with a high performance supercharger that boosts the power output to a cool 800hp, alongside a new exhaust system, an upgraded intercooler, new injectors and a new throttle body.

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Ford: American revolution, Irish roots

Workers on the first moving assembly line at Highland Park, Michigan in 1913.

The Ford Motor Company may be a stalwart of Detroit, but its roots are very much anchored in Ireland. Though founder Henry Ford was born in Michigan in 1863, his father William Ford (with his siblings and parents) had emigrated from Ballinascarthy, Co Cork to the US in 1847 to escape the Great Irish Famine.

Ford’s interest in mechanics was sparked on the family farm in Greenfield Township, Michigan; though he initially concentrated on making work easier for farmers, he quickly realised the potential of the motor car. His mother died when he was 13 and three years later, with no interest in taking over the farm, Ford left to find work in Detroit, becoming an apprentice machinist.

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