Pristine T2 goes under the hammer

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Volkswagen’s T2 camper is an iconic model with universal appeal. No matter where you go on the planet you’re likely to encounter one in various states of repair, whether in need of a little attention or restored to its former glory.

The 1967 T2 that has until recently remained in storage at luxury car storage company Windrush’s facility in the Cotswolds is one of the latter. Its transformation began in 2008 when its current owner Steve Quinn acquired the T1 without rust or an engine. An extensive makeover included the addition of a 2.0L engine producing 100hp, new seating, wood panelling and exterior chrome, a paintwork restoration not to mention a few mod cons such as an Alpine surround sound system, a DVD player and an internet connection.

Since then it’s been given the VIP treatment by Windrush, which is something of a luxury spa retreat for cars – think full valets and detailed services, a climate-controlled and de-humidified environment, top notch security, daily checks and a connection to an automatic battery conditioner.

As a result, it’s going to be pretty expensive. The camper will go under the hammer at the Bonhams Collector’s Motor Car auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed later this month, expected to fetch a price of up to £90,000. Or you could pick up a shell on Donedeal for a fraction of the price, and enjoy the process yourself!

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