Bag a reasonably priced Kia

Fancy owning the world’s most recognisable reasonably-priced car?

Top Gear’s famous Kia Cee’d, which carted a host of well-known faces, from Tom Cruise to Simon Pegg, around the Top Gear test track between 2010 and 2013, has been put up for sale on Auto Trader. After its stint on Top Gear came to an end it was returned to Kia for use as a promotional vehicle, before winding up in the hands of a private owner, who’s cashing in on its fame.

Despite being driven quite enthusiastically around the circuit in its day, it’s in quite good nick, having been well-maintained to ensure the safety of the rich and famous faces behind the wheel. Just over 11,500km have been put on its 1.6L petrol engine, and it still features the full roll cage, bucket seats and race harnesses from its glory days.

“Everyone tells you to look for a car with one careful owner, but you could be forgiven for worrying when that one owner is Top Gear, and we have clear TV evidence of the extreme driving behaviour this particular car has endured,” said Andy Pringle, Cars Editor at Auto Trader. “That said, this is probably the best maintained KIA Cee’d on the planet – and having been entrusted with the lives of some of the world’s biggest stars– its full KIA service history and low mileage could offer something different for a buyer who’s on the lookout for arguably the most famous KIA Cee’d in the world.”

If you fancy putting a bid in, have a look at the listing on

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