Meet the Super Soco

Super Soco e-motorbike

Electric motorbikes aren’t a new concept by any means, but a newly launched e-motorbike promises to ‘reinvent urban mobility’.

Across the Irish Sea, the Super Soco is being styled as the UK’s first affordable e-motorbike, the result of a partnership between Australian electric scooter company V-Moto and a Chinese crowd-funded project to the tune of $15m, which is now being imported into Europe.

Developed with city riders and commuters who want a fast and emission free option in mind, the Super Soco features a removable lithium battery that can be charged via a domestic socket or at on-street chargers.

Power is directed to a Bosch motor integrated with the rear wheel. The bike is restricted to a maximum speed of 45km/h to comply with EU moped regulations and can travel around 80km on a charge, more than enough for city commutes. If that’s not enough, there’s space for a second battery to boost your range, though it’ll likely be quite pricey.

Nifty features include push start and keyless ignition, a sports suspension, LED lights and a lightweight frame, not to mention a quite stylish design. UK pricing stands at a thought-provoking £2,349, which includes VAT and the UK government grant of up to £1,500 for electric motorbikes and mopeds.

Food for thought the next time you’re stuck in traffic.


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