Tyres under pressure

Keeping your tyres properly inflated will both save you money and improve your safety on the road – underinflated tyres result in worse fuel efficiency and increase stopping distances and the risk of aquaplaning. The risk can be even greater in heavier vehicles with larger load weights than your average family car.

So, if you’re heading off for a trip in your campervan, and you’ve misplaced the manufacturer’s recommended pressures in the handbook or on a sticker, TyreSafe has launched a new tool and tyre guidance for motorhome owners.

Accessible on tyresafe.org, the tool allows you to choose the number of rear axles, the maximum or fully laden load for the front and the rear, and the tyre size and type. After a quick calculation, you’ll be presented with the suggested pressures. Information explaining the different types of motorhome tyres available, and the maintenance checks  you should make to keep them roadworthy, is also provided in a downloadable pdf, which including tyre pressure charts.

“Maintaining motorhome tyres is crucial to minimising risks of an incident while out on the road. Motorhomes are typically driven close to their maximum weight on every trip so ensuring the right tyres are fitted, are roadworthy and inflated to the correct pressure for the load is essential,” said TyreSafe Chairman Stuart Jackson. “Understanding the difference between the tyres now available can be confusing for drivers but they will find TyreSafe’s guidance both informative and easy to understand.”


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