Annoying motorway habits

Annoying motorway habits

According to a recent survey by easytrip, the thing that frustrates Irish motorists the most on the motorway is when people don’t use their indicators. If you ask me, that should be extended to every single road – for the most part indicators are either used sparingly or when the driver has already started making their turn, which really defeats their purpose.

Other annoyances including driving too slow in the right lane, hogging the middle lane – prevalent on the N7 and M50 – tailgating, using your phone while driving, and throwing rubbish out the window. Changing lanes too much, incorrect merging from slip roads, and not driving up to toll plazas correctly round off the frustrations, and you could probably add those who are too fond of their brake pedals to the list.

When it comes to speed on the motorway, there’s a divide between the male and female population. 67% of female drivers are annoyed with drivers who drive too fast, while 55% of male motorists get frustrated with people driving too slowly in the right lane.

Colin Delaney, easytrip Ireland’s CEO, made a plea for safer driving, which will likely fall on deaf ears. “Correct use of the motorway is vital for everyone’s safety. We’ve all heard of the saying that the ‘indicator must have come as an optional extra’ but it’s clearly the number one frustration for many motorists,” he said. “It’s important that we alert other road users to our next move while driving and that means checking your mirrors and using your indicators when changing lanes. It can be stressful during busy peak times, particularly on the M50, but being respectful of our fellow motorists is of benefit to all.”

Or we could just bring back public lashings for repeat offenders.

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