Ireland’s overconfident drivers

Could you pass your driving test again? According to a survey by Carzone, 91% of Ireland’s motorists believe they could pass the test if they had to retake it, which seems like a case of severe overconfidence, given the distinct lack of indicator use, leaving safe distances, safe overtaking and checking blindspots on Irish roads today.

The research was carried out among Irish motorists as part of Carzone’s latest Motoring Report, which looks at several topics including our experience of learning how to drive. 41% of drivers learned the ropes between the ages of 17 and 20, with 40% given their first driving lesson by their dad, and 26% with a driving instructor. The latter might be the better option for some – instructors are far less likely to be clutching the handles with white knuckles, issuing warnings about parked cars some kilometres ahead.

For nearly half of those questioned, independence was the main reason they wanted to learn to drive, with others noting pressure from parents (presumably tired of shuttle bus duties) who urged them to get behind the wheel.

To find out how many drivers felt confident about passing the test again, Carzone enlisted the services of Snapchat star James Kavanagh, who took to Dublin city’s streets for an impromptu driver’s theory test in the video above. Needless to say, the results were unsurprising – time to hit the books for quite a few motorists.

“Learning to drive is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. whether you take the test as a teenager or later in life. Most of us can vividly remember the first time we got behind the wheel and those first few lessons. It was interesting to see how many people felt they could confidently pass their driving test again,” says Carzone’s Ailish Tully. “However, when we took to the streets to quiz people on the latest theory test, we found that there may be a need for Irish motorists to brush up on some of the basic rules. Our advice to drivers is to keep yourself up to date with the rules of the road and regularly test your driving knowledge.”

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