Tracking charge points

Zap-Map charge points
Photo: Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX

If you’ve ever driven an electric vehicle (EV), you might know the frustration of arriving at a charge point only to discover there are no free spaces. If you’re running low on juice, it could mean a worrying and rather slow drive to the next available location.

Zap-Map, however, aims to fix this. One of the leading charging platforms in the UK, Zap-Map has just announced the launch of its app for EV drivers in the Republic of Ireland, incorporating live data from ESB and its network of over 1,200 charge points across the country.

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Face your phone down

Michael Gaynor, Marketing Director, Toyota Ireland and Niall Breslin, Toyota Ireland Ambassador pictured as Toyota Ireland launch the Face It Down app. Photo: INPHO/Morgan Treacy

Toyota Ireland has launched a new mobile app that is designed to save lives on Ireland’s roads by changing driver behaviour.

Face It Down, available on iOS and Android, has been launched in partnership with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and Topaz. The app rewards drivers who put their phone face down while driving with points that can be redeemed for complimentary hot drinks at Re Store locations around the country.

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Entering the electric era

The BMW i3
The BMW i3

There’s no doubt that we live in an age of motoring evolution, watching history unfold before our eyes. Hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) were once the butt of many motoring columnists’ jokes, discarded as a waste of time or, at their worst, as something which threatened the joy of true motoring. In a way it’s an ironic viewpoint, considering that electric cars have been around almost as long as their counterparts which rely on miniature explosions for propulsion. But they’re steadily gaining a foothold in the modern era, thanks in part to government schemes, the interest of early adopters and increasingly efficient technology.

Decisions, Decisions

Increasing choice is also attracting more buyers across the globe, though uptake in Ireland remains slow, with somewhere in the region of 2,000 EVs sold here over the past few years. The Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe are both affordable, fully electric cars that are comfortable, easy to drive and don’t look like spaceships among their fossil fuel brethren (although the Mitsubishi i-Miev resembles a bug that has crashed into your windscreen at speed). BMW offers two luxury alternatives in the i3 and i8, while Mitsubishi’s plug-in hybrid Outlander melds off-road capabilities with more efficient motoring. At the top of the pile sits the Tesla Model S, a pioneer in the electric vehicle market, though it’s not on sale in Ireland just yet.

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Tinder…for cars?

Image via AutoSwipe
Image via AutoSwipe

Dating app Tinder has been seemingly shooting from strength to strength over the past few months, with lots of happy couples forming relationships for varying lengths of time. It’s unsurprising that someone has attempted to replicate its success, but when you swipe right on this particular app, you could find yourself face-to-face with a used Ford Focus.

It’s called AutoSwipe, and works exactly like its dating counterpart – you just select the qualities you’re looking for in your (motoring) partner and AutoSwipe will give you a list on which you can swipe left to reject, or right to get in touch with the owner.

The app hasn’t launched yet, but will presumably be just for our American friends at first, though there’s no reason why it couldn’t spread further afield. Although, like Tinder, flicking right on a used car and messaging the seller is no substitute for checking it out in person. You never no what you could wind up with.