Peugeot unleash the Exalt


What springs to mind when you think of Peugeot in 2014? A budget hatchback? Or a refined yet still relatively ordinary family saloon? Chances are, barring one or two anomalies such as the RCZ or 2012’s Onyx concept, the Lion badge doesn’t tend to conjure images of a beautiful and unusual sports car.

Step forward, the Exalt concept.

Due to be officially presented to the world at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show later this month, the Exalt is really quite something. It seems to be the next stage in the Onyx’s evolution, a five-door hatchback replete with slick and straight cut lines, twin headlamps, aero creases along the sides and an aggressive prow. To us, it seems like there’s a little of BMW and Mazda in the mix, though Peugeot have said its bare steel bodywork is a tip of the hat to French car manufacturing during the 1920s and 30s, hand-formed by a120096 panel beater. It’s not very long – 4.7m, and neither is it very high, just 3.1m to the top of the roof, including the huge 20 inch wheels.

And it features shark skin.

Ok, technically speaking, it’s not skin from an actual shark, which would be sure to have PETA up in arms. According to Peugeot, it’s actually an ‘efficient textile’ which was inspired by the skin from a shark, and which improves the drag coefficient of the car. That doesn’t impart the same level of coolness on the Exalt, but is still impressive nonetheless, at least from a technical standpoint.

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Let the drone wars begin…


As all drivers will know, there isn’t much which is more painful than the sight of brake lights lighting up in front of you on the road, while all the cars around you gradually slow to a complete and frustrating halt. Yup, you’re right in the middle of yet another traffic jam, something which can turn even the most patient driver into a roiling hurricane of hatred.

Presumably some of the designers at Renault have to brave the traffic on their way into work, giving rise to the new Kwid concept, which includes a small drone which can be deployed from the roof and sent on ahead to let you know just exactly what it is you’ve been cursing for the past half an hour.

Don't bother running. We'll always find you.
Don’t bother running. We’ll always find you.

It’s actually a great idea – the drone can be released at the press of a button and will either follow the car or buzz ahead on a pre-determined route, all the while beaming back images to a dashboard-mounted tablet. It’d be worth it just for the looks on the face of the drivers in your vicinity. According to Renault, the Kwid is aimed at the younger market, as evidenced by the oversized wheels, bright yellow colour scheme and the funky white interior of its initial release photos.

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