The fun of winter driving


Although Ireland’s winters are far milder than, say, Alaska, driving in icy and slushy conditions is no fun, and often quite dangerous. And, because we don’t spend too long each year in these sketchy conditions, many Irish drivers are not really sure how to prepare for a potentially treacherous stretch of road, or what to do if you find yourself spinning out of control.

That’s why Carzone (plug alert) has devised a winter driving guide full of tips, which we have amended slightly, to survive the snow, ice and rain. Of course the best way to survive would be to park up your car and take the bus, but where’s the fun in that?

Snow and ice

Pack a bag of supplies and leave it in your boot. That should include (deep breath) food, water, a set of warm clothing, a blanket, torch, first aid kit, fully charged phone (or one of those portable battery chargers), jump leads, a shovel, ice scraper, de-icing fluid and some sand or grit to give your tyres some traction if they get bogged down.

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