Audi’s new R8

Meet Audi’s 2015 R8, a 602bhp refreshed rather than brand new version with a 5.2L V10 hurtling you from 0-100km/h in just 3.2 seconds, topping out at 328km/h. Not that you’ll ever need to go that fast but it’s nice to know that you’re driving something that could overtake a plane at take-off speed. And the same as Lamborghini’s aptly-named Huracan.

If you want something a little tamer (relatively speaking), you can opt for the 5.2L 532bhp version although it’s not much slower – from a standstill you’ll arrive at 100km/h after just 3.5s with a top speed of 321km/h. Maths was never our strong point but it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a difference in those figures. The new R8 e-tron electric version is no slouch either, flying silently from 0-100 in just 3.9s, while Audi have promised a range of over 450km (if it actually lives up to this, or even close enough, we’ll be impressed).

As it’s an Audi, and therefore German, it’s also very mechanically impressive. The petrol versions will include software which makes gear shifting an even faster process, the front axle will feature an electro-hydraulic clutch with a mechanical differential on the rear, the underbody has been aerodynamically optimised and the body is lighter (through the use of carbon fibre reinforced plastics).

Lucky owners clambering into the driver’s seat will find themselves facing a virtual cockpit, and a button which can make the exhausts even louder. If it was our car, that button would be worn out after a very short time.

All yours, providing you’ve got around €165,000 (base model) or €187,400 (V10 Plus) to spare.