Tyres under pressure

Keeping your tyres properly inflated will both save you money and improve your safety on the road – underinflated tyres result in worse fuel efficiency and increase stopping distances and the risk of aquaplaning. The risk can be even greater in heavier vehicles with larger load weights than your average family car.

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Cutting your car costs

Car costs

For most people, cars are essentially a money pit. They’re necessary to get from A to B, and yet they require fuel, maintenance, occasional repairs, tax and insurance – all of which adds up.

So how can you cut the cost of motoring?

Drive smooth, accelerate gently and use the highest and safest gear possible, as this will reduce your fuel consumption. If you’re approaching an orange or red light, ease off on the accelerator – you’re just going nowhere fast. Given the rising cost of fuel, the savings can be considerable.

This will be difficult for most people but, if possible, avoid driving during rush hour. It’s bad for your mood and bad for your wallet – continuous stopping and starting in traffic can require a lot of fuel.

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