The somewhat baffling Youabian Puma

It’s here. The car nobody asked for. The mysterious Youabian Puma. The video is doing the rounds on various motoring blogs and websites, and opinion seems to be almost universally veering towards its ugliness and pointlessness, much like the Fiat Multipla.

It seems that the Puma was created by a cosmetic surgeon (there’s surely a metaphor, or at least a joke, somewhere in there) from Los Angeles with the express intention of being unique, something which few could argue it hasn’t achieved. Unfortunately it looks like the Frankenstein’s monster of automobiles, with bits borrowed here and there, including headlights from what appears to be a 90s Honda Civic. Despite large tires and a claimed offroad ability, the car was mainly designed for use on the streets.

The figures are decent enough – this thing is powered by a 7L 505hp V8, funneled through a 6 speed automatic gearbox, though we can’t imagine cornering is one of it’s strengths.

Oh, and it costs $1.1m. So there’s that.

According to the official site, the Puma is the result of feedback from wealthy car owners from around the world who were sick of the old reliable Ferraris and Lamborghinis, and wanted something truly different. But if you’re really desperate for attention and a fast supercar with a prancing horse stuck to the front isn’t doing it for you, perhaps try an Apache helicopter, or dress up as a clown whilst riding a jet propelled skateboard. Almost anything’s better.