Meet the Renault Twizy…ambulance

Hopefully you’ll never require the services of an ambulance but, if you do, there may come a time in the distant future when the vehicle that arrives at the scene of an accident could fit through the front door of your house.

That’s because one of the latest concept ambulances takes the form of a modified Renault Twizy Cargo, itself a commercial version of the two-seater, battery-powered electric vehicle manufactured exclusively in Spain.

As such, a number of life-saving additions have been added to the mix. The Cargo version already ditches the second rear seat in favour of cargo space, and includes a lockable 180L boot than can open to 90 degrees, perfect for storing expensive medicines or equipment you wouldn’t want to go missing. Decked out in traditional ambulance livery, you’ll also discover blue lights and a siren onboard, although you’ll forgive 4×4 drivers if they can’t locate where the sound is coming from.

We know what you’re thinking – how could a tiny little car with room for one person and the potential to be blown away by a sufficiently powerful gust of wind ever prove itself useful as an ambulance?

When you look a little closer, however, it does begin to make a little sense. For starters, it’s great for the congested roads and lanes of major urban areas: measuring less than 2.4m long and 1.19m wide, the Twizy will squeeze through gaps that prove too much for regular-size Mercedes or Ford-based ambulances. The 17hp electric motor, which offers a range of 99km, is faster than on-foot response and carries a lot more than a bicycle. And all for exactly zero CO2 emissions. According to Renault, its main use will be to drive “up and down a busy coastal town’s beach front ensuring nobody has to wait to receive life-saving treatment,” presumably while the ordinary-sized version is pushing through traffic.

It might even provoke patients into a remarkable recovery once they see what’s buzzing towards them.

Let the drone wars begin…


As all drivers will know, there isn’t much which is more painful than the sight of brake lights lighting up in front of you on the road, while all the cars around you gradually slow to a complete and frustrating halt. Yup, you’re right in the middle of yet another traffic jam, something which can turn even the most patient driver into a roiling hurricane of hatred.

Presumably some of the designers at Renault have to brave the traffic on their way into work, giving rise to the new Kwid concept, which includes a small drone which can be deployed from the roof and sent on ahead to let you know just exactly what it is you’ve been cursing for the past half an hour.

Don't bother running. We'll always find you.
Don’t bother running. We’ll always find you.

It’s actually a great idea – the drone can be released at the press of a button and will either follow the car or buzz ahead on a pre-determined route, all the while beaming back images to a dashboard-mounted tablet. It’d be worth it just for the looks on the face of the drivers in your vicinity. According to Renault, the Kwid is aimed at the younger market, as evidenced by the oversized wheels, bright yellow colour scheme and the funky white interior of its initial release photos.

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