Renault dismisses emissions software claims

Renault Group has been forced to issue a statement denying that any of its vehicles are equipped with software designed to cheat emissions tests. Today’s edition of French newspaper Liberation cites a report allegedly drafted by the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF), which “highlights Renault’s behaviour in terms of polluting emissions and is severe.”

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They’re watching you…

Copyright Tesla Motors (3)

One Tesla owner in the US has recently got into a little trouble with the car manufacturer, after he was discovered ‘jailbreaking’ his Model S.

While jailbreaking used to mean just that – breaking out of jail – these days it refers to removing software limitations on a device, removing restrictions which leave you free to install unauthorised apps or content, for example.

This particular car owner managed to patch into the Model S main interior feature – the central dashboard-mounted 17 inch touchscreen computer, which includes a host of driver controls, media centre, navigation and a browser. Having found a cleverly disguised ethernet port hidden in the dashboard, he/she managed to connect their laptop up to the car with an ethernet cable, and also managed to run Firefox on the touchscreen.

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