Dealerships go digital

The Skoda Kodiaq is one of the models available for a digital tour.

For those who work Monday to Friday, 9-5, hunting for a new car can be a difficult. As most dealerships are closed on Sundays, and finish early on Saturdays, the window for finding your next set of wheels can be a little small.

Skoda, however, has opened its first digital showroom, allowing people to view cars from the comfort of their couch. Currently running as a pilot project in Spanish dealerships, Skoda consultants can use video calls to speak to customers and take them through their vehicles. It’s a nifty idea – twelve stationary and four mobile cameras can show the vehicles from different perspectives both inside and out, demonstrate features or answer specific questions.

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Driven – the fabulous Fabia

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There’s no doubt that the design of Skoda’s ever-widening stable has come on on leaps and bounds over the years, as has the Czech car manufacturer itself. The Octavia, for example, has gone from strength to strength, not just in its build quality but also in terms of looks. The new Superb looks just that – superb, a hint of the higher-spec Audis creeping into its design.

The new Fabia is a lot like its elder brothers now, all sharp lines and strong curves, as Skoda seek to attract a more youthful buyer for their popular supermini. That’s also likely the reason behind the introduction of ColourConcept, which allows for some colour customisation of the wheels, side mirrors and the roof, a little similar to the Mini Paceman. The roof has been lowered by 3cm too, reducing its profile from awkward to more sporty, and reducing roll on the road.

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