The mysteries of internal combustion


For those of us who are less technically minded than others, the internal combustion engine is something of a mystery. You do know that air goes in, fuel is added, and the result is an explosion that makes you go faster. But you can’t actually see it happen. You simply press the accelerator, magic happens, and you shoot forwards.

Warped Perception, however, has made a glass head for a Briggs and Stratton engine so the rest of us can witness the magic. And it’s suitably mesmerising.

Drunk driver falls off bridge (in his truck)

A Boston driver managed to survive a series of events which saw him drive his Toyota Tacoma through a light pole, a sign and then a fence, before his SUV fell from the upper tier of the city’s Interstate 93 to the road below.

Somehow 33 year-old Vannak Sao was still alive when firefighters arrived, and was cut out of his vehicle, and  later charged with drunken driving for his troubles.